Reasons Why Rap Sucks So Very, Very Much

Don’t worry about this just being another rant diving into the many reason why rap sucks. Yes, it does to. But what’s true is that the generation of Free Mumia and Black Power is long gone. That flavor of the genre has been dead since Public Enemy, and the chances of revival are poor.Why Rap Sucks

But I do think that contemporary rap music does not have those components that inspire the listener to think outside the box and analyze their surroundings.

What remains to be answered is whether it is the listener and his taste that caused the shift or the big bullies of the media that shaped ones tastes in today’s times.

This is then, where I use the southern region rap music example. For as long as one can remember there was just one theme that came from rappers who lived south of the Mason-Dixon line. The scene was all about partying. Long before Luke Campbell became a household name there was a DJ Jimi from N’Awlins who had all the Atlanta strip clubs dancing to his song ‘Where They At?’ This song was of course complete gibberish. The hook was garbage talk that went ‘I might buy you a starter if you dance right’ (‘I don’t know’).

As it was the late eighties one can imagine that DJ Jimi was talking to a Starter team jacket. Everybody had stopped wearing those in New York several years before, but the south was popular for copping old NY styles like they went shopping at the Bowery Salvation Army. Moving on with this fueled discussion of why rap sucks so much.

For a moment OutKast brought a soul to southern Hip-Hop scene and I thought that there might be the starting of something big. With all the young Black teenagers attending schools in the Atlanta area it looked as if there was the coming of a moment when all the people who had been sidetracked by the mainstream society would be able to push off their mental shackles for good and move themselves forward and away from the clubs. The next thing I knew Jermaine Dupri said “Money Ain’t A Thing” and all the co-educational schools were back the night shift at old Club Nikki’s. And there you go, another reason why rap sucks and you can’t deny it. If only OutKast were relevant anymore.

Rap Sucks

Little John came into the scene with his dance anthems and soon Ludacris followed. A note on the side, after all of dancing that Ludacris had caused, wasn’t it ironic to see him go to the Grammys with a tune about a chick running away from abuse?

And talking about the Grammy awards, T.I was favored by some of you F***** to win because of his album titled ‘King’. The dude hails from Atlanta doesn’t he? Only that the King that came from Atlanta didn’t do Chevrolet commercials nor did the guy throw bags of money in the air to make it look like it was raining. How much do you know about that?

In a short period of time the controlling agencies of mainstream media have diverted the messages and the original imagery of what might arguably be African Americans best generation. They didn’t even do it by themselves though. There were the co-conspirators working with them from the inside. And they used children, and the adults that never grew up.

These thirty or so years in which these genres have been recognized as an art form  you would imagine that the genres would have developed sense enough to grow up? For if you had thirty years of experience wouldn’t you be wiser by the dime? Then why hasn’t Hip-Hop grown? Why all all you fans constantly offered dumb lyrics and soda pop? Somebody doesn’t respect you for your intelligence, and these people are selling you the stuff off the bottom of their heels.

The music of the south, even Hip-hop, reflects contemporary consumer market projections and dreams. And to repeat, the genre is thirty years old and it is still looking to evade responsibility, while looking for a place to party. The not so sweet truth is Hip-hop died long before the Brando in Godfather did. People are keeping themselves busy by pressing the rewind button.

If that wasn’t enough to justify why rap sucks, then dear lord please spoon over to the comments and enlighten us.

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Stonder Lee December 10, 2010 at 9:41 pm

You’re retarded. Rap sucks, and like coughing, it is only the presented manifestation of another causal problem. Rap exists because “African American” culture is filled with social pathology. Black people cut in lines, throw away traditional values while holding onto Christianity for dear life, something that democrat slave owners and party members pushed on them in the 1800s. Black culture attempted to get away from that by subscribing to Islam- a religion and culture that considers blacks lower than anything Americans will ever consider them. It’s completely backwards. Rap’s “origins,” if anyone attributes any great ‘struggle’ to them, all are completely misunderstood. Before rappers rapped about their poor houses (that they sell and bake crack out of) there were singers singing about junkies. Gill Scott Heron for instance. Anyway, whatever. You see that rap sucks, that’s good, but you see it from a politically correct, weak, time centrist point of view. Get real.

haha March 4, 2011 at 6:52 am

rap doesnt suck……todays “rap” sucks

Rappert April 13, 2011 at 7:14 am

No. It does suck. Really bad. ALL OF IT!

RAP SUCKS! July 13, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Rap is the pinacle of Black people, It’s origins are from prison where most Black people end up. RAP WILL ALWAYS SUCK!

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