Top Cat Movies – The Very Best Movies With Cats

When looking for the top cat movies, it helps to know that movies with and about cats run across the genres: cartoons, family films, educational films. The following picks of DVDs and videos display the best of each genre that has been witness to a kitty or two. Most of these movies will appeal to all ages of cat lovers, from the gentle story of Milo and Otis to the corny fighting in Cats and Dogs – this list has it all. Not only did we indulge our kitty-loving tendencies, we also kelp ICanHazCheeseBurger for over 12 hours.Kicking things off on our list of the top movies which prominently feature our favorite kitties…

That Darn Cat!

The story of a tomcat who returns home with a kidnapped woman’s watch, sets off a thrilling comedy involving the FBI and a feline as the center of the plot.

This 1965 comedy by Disney, features D.C., a cunning, yet adorable, troublemaker set out on his mission to help one woman, while being a constant source of frustration for his FBI handlers.

Cats – Caressing the Tiger

This is a national geographic special and is the best one for serious feline lovers. It talks about the similarities and not so similar characteristics, and gives a enticing intimate view of the furry ones. For all who might wonder “what makes the whiskers twitch” will love this film.

Cats and Dogs

This movie by Warner Bros. used the old tested formula of felines as scheming villains who get their hand right in the end, with a lot of violence along the way. The animation quality leads the film to becoming a flick worth owning, especially for the younger feline fans.

The Aristocats

The Aristocats is an animated musical that centers on the love story between Duchess and O’Malley, the dirty alley cat. Set in the early 1900s Paris, the film features a talented supporting group of characters comprising of a pair of British geese, and a very in-tune jazz band populated by stray cats.

This story of a mother and her three kittens who are abandoned by their owner’s villainous butler, is a tale of desperation, love and hope. It also is a worthy contender when counting the best cat movies.

Top Cat Movies

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

Milo is the feline and Otis the dog. They are good buddies with a streak of mischief. The fun starts when one of them falls into a river, and they are both swept away on journey of adventures. Made by Japanese filmmaker Masanori Hata in a span of four years. The ambience and panoramic setting enchant throughout the otherwise poignant story. DVD and VHS available.

Cats – The Musical

The smashing long-running Broadway hit, penned from the books of T.S.Eliot titled “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” is rewritten here, with a fresh cast for the video. The music score is set by the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber, with famous tracks like “memories” which are modern day classics by now.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The cat comes out on the not-so-pleasant end of this romantic comedy, but the dog enjoys this of course! Starring Janeane Garofalo and Uma Thurman as good friends who become rivals for Ben Chaplin. Due to certain phone conversations the movie isn’t a family rating; It’s a fun film to watch on a rainy Saturday night with your partner.

That concludes our list of the best cat movies ever, do let us know of any films we may have missed.

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