Best TV Channel: The Shows That Make AMC King

If any avid follower were to be asked which channel they really can’t do without to stimulate their rather unorthodox taste – AMC has got to be it. While Showtime has made major leaps with its original content through a diverse range of shows like Dexter, Weeds, The Tudors and Californication (promiscuity never felt so “moody”). But AMC went for some new directions. Take for example the subjects the channel choses to expose audiences to:

  • Mad Men

This show showcases the life of Don Draper, the creative director at a leading advertising agency, while delving into the social and cultural changes of 1960s America. Highlighting themes like drinking, adultery, sexism, racism, amongst other – Mad Men isn’t just a story, it’s a representation of the cultural impacts of the past on our present, while speculating the world of tomorrow, all told through the lens of a past America we all love romanticized.

  • Breaking Bad

An amazing showcase of AMC inclination to drama, Breaking Bad tells the story of a genius high-school teacher with a cancer threating to end his sorry existence. Walter White needs to provide for his family, so what does he do? Contact an ex-student, and team up to produce meth of course. Watching Walter balance his drug career, family and conventional trivialities, with an ending where he only die, isn’t ironically exhilarating. FYI – some spectacular acting here.

  • Rubicon

Just two episodes down, we know this show is a winner, and a testament of how awesome AMC is at exploring subjects with a unique perspective. The series tells the story of an intelligence analyst working for a national agency, which may or may not be controlled by secret societies manipulating the course of events in the world. Nice!

  • The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, based on a graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, has a premise geeks and nerds worldwide have been lusting for – zombies. The story of a group of survivors attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse is predictable and instantly recognizable, but we still love it! Watch out for this series from October 2010.

Here’s the *ahem trailer from Comic-Con 2010

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